Fundraising is integral to the ongoing assistance River Angels provided currently and allows increasing assistance.

The River Angels Garden Party Fundraiser is organised by the River Angels committee and is held in a stunning private garden each year.  By purchasing a ticket to the event, you will have the opportunity to visit a beautiful property that is not usually open to the public. 

The AMRzons football team has an annual football match against the Margaret River Masters team. They have a Mega Raffle with tickets that are sold leading up to the game and then drawn at the game, along with stalls/activities for children at the game.

Lilac Link Residents hold Halloween & Christmas Street Parties decorating their houses & have stalls that included, food, auctions, and games among others. 

Fundraising events’ monies raised being donated to River Angels.

Entertainment App

We receive 20% of the proceeds from each membership to The Entertainment App purchased!

One of committee members has been a regular purchaser & without trying pays for the costs in 2 or 3 times of use, then starts saving money.