To be a member, you must meet one of the requirements below.

Please indicate which of the following criteria you meet:

  • Be a previous recipient of River Angels support or an immediate family member of someone that has
  • Volunteer at least 10 hours of your time each year
  • Donate one item or financial amount per year


  • Adhere to our constitution
  • Do not discuss any confidential information
  • Be aware that we support cancer patients and their families residing within the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River
  • Be aware of what support we provide and how we provide it
  • Help build community awareness and refer us to those who may need our support

Note: Should this change, we have the discretion to end your membership.

Member benefits

  • Regular updates
  • Can attend AGM & Vote
  • Annual sundowner invitation

Help us to support a worthwhile cause

Membership Fee

There isn’t one, but donations are welcomed